The Gateway of the Four Worlds is a story that takes the readers on an exciting  journey of discovery and exploration. It is about the strength of friendship and about holding courage in the face of the most dire circumstances. The characters in this story will embark on a journey that none of them would ever imagine.

The webcomic will tell the entire story until it reaches it’s conclusion. Important sections are separated into chapters. New strips will be released as they are drawn.

Along with the RSS Feed, new strips are published to the Facebook page. Character biographies will be added and updated as the story unfolds.

The story, characters, and the comic have been created by Garuda Illo. Character designs have been drawn by Nathanial Hamel. The cover poster (left) was drawn and painted by Nick Runge.

This comic is intended to be age appropriate for everyone 10 and up. For any questions or concerns, please contact Garuda Illo.

This story is dedicated to Abhay, Nandu, and Japa.